Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I love the rain!

It's raining today! The pic above is of our neghborhood shot from the rooftop of our home. The skies might be gloomy but it doesn't dampen my mood :)

Like what the title says, I love the rain! I love the sound it makes and the coolness it brings. Rainy days also boosts my inspiration and urge to write something (like what I'm doing now). I guess it kinda stimulates my mind and keeps my creative juices flowing. That's why I'm especially happy whenever it rains days or weeks before an article or essay deadline 'cause there's a high chance that I'm gonna finish it on time.

A rainy day would be made perfect with a cup of hot chocolate (Milo <3) and relaxing music! I sound like an old man, hahaha :))

Oh! I also love the occasional rainbow that appears after the rain <3

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