Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Making a Change

Last night, I watched a documentary in NatGeo entitled About Asia: Lost World. The documentary was about a tribe of minority in China living in a mountanous region. They live in a large cave and the mountains surrounding them cuts off they're villages from the outside world which is why as China prospered, they remained stagnant and impoverished. They only have one primary school so many of the children travel 3-5 hours just to go tp school while others stay in a small dormitory. In the documentary, there was one woman who helped bring change and awareness to these people.

Well that's just the rough summary of it, it would be better if you'll watch the documentary itself. I, for one, was moved and amazed at the woman and at the villagers. The villagers live a simple but hard life for generations. While I was watching the documentary, it made me feel sorry for the children who didn't - couldn't - receive a proper or continuing education. It made me feel compelled to help them and the woman yet what can 16 year old incoming college student like me do? I felt really helpless and useless at that momment. I know that I am young therefore I am very idealistic since I don't know yet the harsh realities of this world. However, I guess that this very innocence is what compels me to make even a little effort in helping to improve the lives of these minorities.

There were so many emotions I felt while watching that documentary. It made me want to strive even harder to become a great doctor so I can someday help people. I want to participate in charity events and volunteer works. I also want to learn how to speak many languages so I connect more with people from all walks of life. I want to save and improve the lives of the people I've touched. These may seem very noble or something but these sentiments are what I truly feel and I'll hold onto them as I walk on my path in becoming a great doctor in the future.

Making a difference, no matter how big or small, always counts.

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