Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Helping Hand

Yesterday, Shaila and I agreed to help our former club moderator in making her class bulletin board. As we visited our old school, St. Paul College of Makati, we noticed that there were many changes that were done. Along with the K+ 12 implementation was the enhancement of the school's facilities.

Every classroom in the HS bldg. (not sure for the GS bldg) were installed with new flatscreen LED tvs, the entrances to the school now have the ones you see in mrt and lrt stations in order to get through, the principal was also changed, and many of the faculty were either promoted or reassigned. There were also many new teachers.

It was really nice seeing my high school teachers again. They are so fun to talk to and they treat you like a friend. Back in grade school, I was always so scared to approach my teachers. This chamged when I started high school. I learned to joke around with my teachers and respect them at the same time.

Anyways after helping out Ms. DC along with Shai, Kara, Xiak, and Mk, Shai and I decided to go to Landmark as was our original plan. Kara volunteered to go as well. Shai and I were supposed to buy shirts but we gave up on it when we didn't find anything nice. We went to SM where we met up with Pj and Chibe and continued our search for our destined shirts.

Shai and I came to the conclusion that we're just going to find othere ways to get our hands on the accursed shorts that we need :))) And with that in mind coupled with a hungry tummy, all of us opt to go to Mcdo for a bite :D

Well, that's all that happened yesterday. It was really so nice to meet my high school teachers again! I miss them so much! I really love them too <3

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