Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Monsoon rains, procrastination, and essays

I love the rain but too much of something is never a good thing. Right now, many of the cities in metro Manila are flooded and classes are suspended.

The chilly weather also did nothing increase my priductivity. I totally slacked off today and did nothing than just download apps in my iPhone :|

Tomorrow, I hope my papa can drive me to the Ateneo so I could go and donate some of our old clothes :)

In other news (?), I'm currently not doing well in Math and Chem Lec so I promised myself to freaking fix my time management problems! Honestly, I could easily get side tracked into reading fanfictions during the weekdays :| Well, I plan to stop that bad habit now and start being productive beginning tonight! :D/

By tonight and tomorrow I should already be done with my:

Filipino short essay
English Bonus Essay
Chemistry Pre-lab
Long Literary Essay

(sigh) I've got a long night ahead of me :| but I'm sure that I CAN DO THIS! :D/

Oh! One of the pictures shows my stuffed toy family! I like the pink bunny best! The person who gave it was VERY important to me haha :">

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